RVM Systems' set of Add-on applications were designed specifically to make life easier for AutoCAD™ and Bricscad users and allow them to gain extra value from their existing tools. Using any or all of the AutoCAD™/Bricscad 'add-on' applications, you will:

  • Save money – Our Add-on applications work with older versions of AutoCAD™ ( 2000 and above ) as efficiently as with new ones and can be adapted to any blueprint software already in use. No need for retraining, or in-depth knowledge of new software; simple enough to learn as you go.
  • Save time – Vastly reduce time consuming, tedious work by using automated functions available in our Add-on applications.
  • Dependable output – Don't risk human error when it comes to number calculations, using the automatic calculation feature you can be confident of a more reliable output.
  • Create standards – By continually using the automatic blueprint calculation software, you will create continuity and compatibility throughout long-term projects, increasing your organizations basic output to a higher more professional standard.

All of applications can be downloaded from this website for a trial period:

 allows the creation of complex layouts in automatic manner.

Get new characteristics that make your processes faster and efficient.

Easy to use Add-On for CAD architectural projects

calculate lengths, areas, volumes and quantities

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